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Thought Partners is a specialised recruitment service offering a full turnkey solution, whereby we source, interview, and facilitate the entire employment process in order to streamline the undertaking while saving you time and money.


Flexible finance model — ThoughtPartners is about making your recruitment services affordable and efficient, giving you a more flexible fixed rate to work into your budget, and alleviating the need to run internal recruitment programmes and avoid incredibly high placement fees — a huge financial hurdle for many South African businesses.


Experience — We have over 13 years experience in the recruitment industry, focusing on the shipping, logistics, management consulting, IT, engineering (marine, civil, mining) and finance markets; however, our localised knowledge and technical insight can help any business or any side find the right people.


Streamlining your workforce and operations — our all-in-one recruitment service covers the identification, selection and placement of qualified and fully vetted candidates into roles that suit your business best. This means that all candidates presented will be comprehensively interviewed according to the requirements of the job spec provided. Through our extensive process, ThoughtPartners will manage and effectively execute a fully integrated internal recruitment department catering to all recruitment needs within the organisation.


Future-proofing recruitment processes — Additionally, we create a full database of these pre-interviewed and reviewed candidates that will be under the complete ownership of the organisation. This provides fast and more efficient placements in future, with ready-to-go candidates according to the companies needs already within contact.


Allowing your company to thrive — With ThoughtPartners managing the time-consuming recruitment tasks and interview processes, this allows your existing staff and managers to focus on their core responsibilities and leave the staff expansion plans in capable hands.


Personalised service — We take a hands-on approach when it comes to all our client communication and recruitment management, cutting out the middle-man and allowing you to liaise directly with us on what you want and need for your business

Adaptable Technology

Always online, with no downtime, our systems are based in the cloud.

Client Engagement

Building strong lasting relationships that pave the foundation to a mutually successful business partnership.

Qualified Database

With a large and fully vetted database, you can expect a fast turnaround.


No outrageous placement fees, a custom model just for your business, tailored to your affordability and growth needs.


Unlike other recruitment services, ThoughtPartners focuses on technical vetting, where we can help your business find the very best individuals to fill the necessary roles and add value to your company. Furthermore, we offer a unique fixed monthly rate, which is calculated according to the company size and expected growth, so you can utilise world-class recruitment services that suit your budget.


  • Recruitment of external candidates
  • Facilitation of internal applications
  • Advertising vacancies both internally and externally (when required and if needed)
  • Pre-interview screening
  • Providing shortlists for vacancies with vested candidates
  • Facilitating criminal and references checks when required (cost not included)
  • Database management
  • Ensuring recruitment procedures are being adhered to


In the economic times we’re currently facing, ThoughtPartners focuses on affordability and cost-management for our clients. Paying excessive placement fees is difficult on company cash flows, therefore, having a fixed monthly rate, irrespective of the quantity of our placements within your enterprise, allows you to budget accordingly and save money while still satisfying your recruitment needs.

Why Choose Us


With our unique service offering we are affordable to even the smallest business looking for assistance.

Customized Service

Each client’s needs are different and we understand this, we build a model that works for you.

Develop & Implement

We assist, develop, train and implement the necessary procedures required for a seamless transition.